WFOE Set-Up Cost
- Fees & Time Frame

This China WFOE Set-Up Cost page was last updated on May 13, 2012

Overview on a typical WFOE Set-up Costs Fees and Time-Frame

A step by step guide on the

WFOE: set-up Costs and Fees

Costs involved in the set-up of a China WFOE:

Apart from your Registered Capital necessary to register your WFOE in China, additional set-up costs and fees will apply to cover main cost factors, like:

  • Government costs/fees
  • Tax fees
  • Application fees

Since all set-up costs and government fees relate back to the factors like the type of WFOE you are going to register, the province and city you are planning to set-up your WFOE, whether or not you need to apply for additional licenses such as import/export license, food license, etc. the cost do vary greatly and it would be impossible to list all variations here.

However and as a ballpark figure, you can expect your set-up costs and fees, including all three cost factors as before mentioned, to total anything starting from RMB 15K-20K up to about 50K. You can use our currency converter on this page to quickly and most accurately find the equivalent amount in your home currency.

Please note, all data may vary without notice given

  • Important:
  • Please consult our China WFOE registration Experts for your exact set-up cost and fee structure calculation based on your requirements.
  • Your WFOE set-up quotation from Chinabiz21 is valid for 30 days and may only vary in case of sudden changes on government procedures and/or cost and fees affected by those changes.

WFOE set-up time frame:

(I) Time needed to complete a WFOE set-up

At best: 3-4, at less good: Up to 9 months and even longer.

Setting-up a WFOE can be a long and tedious process, especially if language barriers further complicate the complex licensing procedures and government bureaucracy. The establishment of the WFOE could take between four to six months, depending upon the nature of its sphere of operations, and the relevant licensing requirements which your WFOE may fall subject to. A 4-6 month set-ip time frame can be suggested for a relatively easy WFOE set-up.

All aforesaid depends however as well on how long it will take a WFOE applicant to produce all necessary documents required for the set-up and to initiate the WFOE registration process. Chinabiz21 will give your team a preferential timeframe for your WFOE incorporation upon application.

(II) Critical WFOE Set-up Points:

  • At this point Chinabiz21 prefer to allocate a dedicated team to look after your company formation & best interest
  • We will conference with yourselves, preferably in person; or via video-conference
  • Experts from both sides may need to liaise independently on matters such as taxation and your best options for a WFOE company formation
  • Chinabiz21 will guarantee regular information and updates during the formation your WFOE

(III) What happens next?

After successful consultation with your personal Chinabiz21 business team, and having concluded the preparation of all required documents; we will initiate the process for your China WFOE registration.

All work will be performed by our expert staff and Chinese accredited professionals, allowing you to focus on maximizing your new business potential.

A usual registration time-frame will fall in-between 4 to 6 months, again depending on the nature of your proposed operation, and location.

(IV) Just one more - what documents are required and what is the set-up procedure?

This you will find out by proceeding to the next page of our WFOE section; Use the China WFOE fast-track navigation below, to open the WFOE documentation page