Required Documents For RO In China

This China RO registration documents page was last updated on May 13, 2012

Required documents for Foreign Representative Office

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If you have any specific questions upfront, feel free to send us your questions and requirements.

China RO: Required Documents

To qualify for the registration of a Foreign Representative Office in China,
you need to be able to demonstrate the following;

Pre-Requisites for the Registration of a Representative Office in China [*]

  • Parent company is an existing overseas company operating for a min. of 2 years
  • If necessary, provide Articles of Association
  • Provide adequate certification of foreign parent company incorporation
  • Furnish (notarized) Letter of authorization to establish RO in China
  • Provide bank reference letter for parent company

Foreign Representative Office required documents, fees & processing time

(shall be prepared in advance and in view of a smooth registration process)

Administrative requirements for Representative Office Registration

proposed name(s) for foreign Representative Office

proposed Representative Office location with complete address

existing and duly legal office leasing contract

certificate of Office Real Estate Ownership (provided by landlord/landlady)

appointment letter for incoming Chief Representative

simple business plan (summary) for the planned operation of the Foreign Representative Office

Personal Documents Requirements

Curriculum Vitae (CV) of incoming China Chief Representative

Passport copy and passport size photographs for China Chief Representative and for each in China stationed additional representative

Registration Procedures:

Above document requirements can, and do, vary and such variations depend on several factors, e.g. local choices, selection of industry, etc., Although we try to provide as accurate as possible, up-to-date information, we want to stress the importance of contacting your Chinabiz21 business consultant to receive situation related, precise and updated information.

Processing time of China RO registration

After successful consultation of your Chinabiz21 business advisor and having concluded the preparation of all required documents, we will initiate the process for your China Representative Office registration.

All needed RO registration work will be performed by our staff, so this is the time for you to relax and focus on your business.

A usual registration time-frame will fall in-between 4-8 week, again depending on the nature and location of your Representative Office operation.

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Mario (Rome, Italy) says...
Great information, throughout your China company section, it helped us a lot to prepare and we will definitely ask you to help us with the setup of our company (an Italian furniture company) in China.

Thank you Chinabiz21, we need people like you in China.
15th May 2012 3:58am
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