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China Company Types Comparison Chart:

To provide you with a pictorial, simplified overview on the different China Company styles features, pros and cons and for a better compare, we put together this chart for you

The shall shall only provide you with a rough idea. Detailed and more correct information you will receive during consultation with your Chinabiz21 business development manger. Please do always keep in mind that all data is only provided on a "as is" basis and there are no 100% set rules on everything. The final and correct data in many cases can only be established after knowing your individual circumstances.

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China Company Types: Comparison

A tabular company comparison chart on China Company Types:


  • legend icon one| Not applicable
  • legend icon two| Negative feature
  • legend icon three| Not possible
  • legend icon four| Positive feature
  • legend icon five| numbers are RMB in ’hundreds’ - sample here means RMB100,000 and up
  • legend icon six| the star indicates ’%’ - sample here means 25%


minimum capital investment 1000+ 25* 1000+
limited liability
unlimited liability
choose method of incorporation
director management flexibility
bureaucratic level 2 4 5 5 5 3
currency conversion
partnership with Chinese individual
priority investment recovery
foreign investor preferences
parent company minimum years est. 2
max. foreign employees 4
direct employ staff
foreign banking RMB
max. operation period 3 years
flexible profit distribution
corporate income tax / income 25* 25* 25* 25* 0
business tax / turnover based 5*+ 5*+ 5*+ 5*+ 5*+
VAT 3*+ 5*+ 5*+ 5*+ 4*+ - 17*
tax rebate entitlement
RO tax / expense based 9*+
social security tax / per salary amount 23* - 39* 17* - 34* 0 - 35 0 - 35 17* - 34*
labor management fee / per employee 2-4 2-5 0-5 2-5
housing fund / per employee 0* - 10* 0* - 17* 0* - 10*

data may vary without notice.

Additional China company registration information:

Please also visit the FAQ of our China Company registration section where you can find more answers to your questions, or submit your questions which are not covered in our FAQ section. In our white-paper and download section well you can also find valuable resources for your China business orientation and formation.

As always, please contact our experienced team which is eager to assist and provide you with additional tools and expertise to assure you a successful China company formation.

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