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This China FICE Registration page was last updated on May 16, 2012

The China FICE Registration Procedure

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China FICE Registration

Introduction of a China FICE registration procedure

FICE and WFOE Registration, is there much differences at all?

Good questions, short answer - No!

Almost self-explanatory, since a FICE really is a WFOE there are hardly any differences in to process or procedure of registering a FICE. Nor do the documents required for the registration differ much, if at all, from that of a common WFOE registration process.

In the following few paragraphs we will outline the main differences on required documents as well as the procedure of a FICE company registration.

Basic FICE company registration requirements


In the following section we won’t elaborate much on every aspect and detail of a FICE company registration, instead, we mainly stress on the additional or different registration requirements and/or conditions.

To review detailed company registration conditions, kindly refer to the general WFOE company registration page and for latest updates, always consult your personal company formation advisor at Chinabiz21.

FICE Company Registration Time-Frame

  • At best: 3 to 4 months
  • The FICE registration procedure can be a long and tedious process, especially if complex licensing procedures are involved. The establishment of the FICE could easy pass the average time-frame of four to six months, depending upon the nature of its sphere of operations, and the relevant licensing requirements that it is subjected to. This would be for a relatively easy FICE
  • With a good chance of more governmental departments concerned with the registration of FICE, the bureaucracy attached, that FICE company set-up time can easy be longer than for an equivalent WFOE or even a JV and easy surpass a lengthy 9 or 10 months registration time.

FICE Company Registration Set-up Cost

  • Basic FICE registration costs are closely match the cost of a WFOE registration. The greater registration add-on costs are originated by the accompanying FICE licenses;
  • Minimum registered capital shall be in compliance with respective requirements in company law of the PRC and at time of this update requires a; Wholesale FICE registered minimum capital of RMB 500,000 and in case of a Retail FICE, a minimum registered capital of RMB 300,000
  • For a FICE Incorporation Wholesale License you can expect to stretch out a USD $26,000 (+/- which again and as always depends on the depend)
  • And if you are going for a FICE Incorporation Retail License you may easy look at USD $30,000 +

Taking into consideration that you are gaining access to one of the world’s largest consumer markets within one country, the above named FICE License fees reflect rather an inviting number and that is exactly what the Chinese government attempts to achieve. The wide-spread of mollions of Shop windows in China have long assert this trend already.

FICE Company Registration Required Documents

The FICE company registration documentation is very similar to that required to set up a WFOE. Nevertheless, given the fact that a FICE may be operating in the fields of; Manufacturer of goods and Agency with commission, selling other owned goods and providing related services by sales agency of goods, broker, or auctioneer, or other wholesaler on the basis of contractual relationship, following additional documents Compared to a normal WFOE registration may be needed

  • Certificate of Assessment of Capital
  • Documents or certificates for earlier setup examination and approval
  • Proposal and estimated initial investment
  • FICE’s operational structure and number of employees
  • Official written permission for land use
  • Environment Evaluation Report
  • Scope (size) of proposed production
  • Detailed list of equipment
  • Environmental protection measures
  • Estimated requirement for utilities such as, power and water supply
  • Customs HS Code of proposed Import/Export products in China
  • The above list, whilst comprehensive, is intended as a general guide only.
  • Depending upon the exact nature of your Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise and area you intend to operate your FICE, other national and local requirements may be required in addition to the above listed.
  • To assure you have the correct information always contact your personal advisor at Chinabiz21

Common FICE Registration Procedure

To pass you small realization on the procedure to register your FICE in China, we have compiled a short list for you to better understand of the time and work involved to overcome bureaucracy and get your company up and running at the shortest time schedule possible.

General Registration Procedure

  • FICE Business Name registration
  • Retail license from Local Economy Committee (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Approval by FECB
  • Apply for FICE Business License
  • FICE company Chops made by Bureau of Public Security (PSB)
  • Organisation of Code Licence
  • Tax Certificate Preparation
  • Registration and Approval with SAFE
  • Open FICE foreign currency and RMB bank account
  • Inject FICE capital from investor’s overseas bank account
  • Capital Verification Report by Certified Public Accountant
  • Apply for permanent FICE Business License
  • Financial Certificate registration
  • Statistics Licence registration
  • Apply for Import/Export license
  • Preparation and Engraving of FICE common seal
  • Organisation Code Certificate
  • Apply for Foreign Exchange Certificate
  • Basic, functional bank account
  • Apply for FICE Finance Registration Certificate
  • Apply for FICE Tax Registration Certificate
  • Apply for Customs Registration Certificate
  • Apply for Commodity Inspection Certificate
  • Apply for China Statistics Certificate
  • Preparation of Labour Handbook
  • FICE Business Premises Registration
  • Given your Company bona fides and associated documentation, the complicated process appears seamless to your Company with Chinabiz21 acting as your Business Registration Agent in China.
  • Contact Chinabiz21 for a smooth FICE registration

FICE Registration Summary

All legal technicalities, notarisations, and other requirements are easily handled by your experienced and friendly Chinabiz21 Business Formation Advisor so your FICE formation runs seamless alongside your other business activities. Behind the scenes we are well connected and co-ordinating with Chinese authorities and relevant departments to simply get the job done; precise, fast, reliable and very cost competitive - and - your team members personally; whilst transcribing in both English and other languages as well as Chinese, you simply receive the finished product = Your new enterprise in modern China.

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