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China Company Corporate Structure Overview

Venturing into China setting up a company, requires careful planning, thorough market study and a lot of knowledge on too many subject matters. It’s a tedious and often frustrating process.

In our Chinabiz21 - China Business Registration section, we aim to provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on how to establish your business in China. We strive to cover the most important aspects without boring you to death with long readings. Don’t forget to bookmark this section so you can easy find your way back and check on updates.

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Also, please do check our white-paper and download-center, which holds plenty additional documents and resources free to download, as well as our FAQ section for immediate answers. We hope to have plenty of information for you here on Chinabiz21 to guide you through on your initial China company orientation. In case you find something not covered, please do send us your feedback.

China Company Introduction
Preface | Rules of Thumb
a page with basic China company introduction and some rules of thumbs to consider before getting serious down to business in/with China
Too many Questions: My China, Company How? - What Kind? - Where?
a brief summary on current China Company Corporate structures with some basics about registering a company in China
Compare China companies
a side by side comparison chart to allow you a better "fast-track" overview on the available companies in China
China WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise)
a comprehensive introduction to the popular China WFOE with many additional resources on the company setup and registration procedure, documents needed, China taxation issues and much more
China RO (Representative Office)
An in depth coverage on the common company formation entry level, the popular representative office for your basic China business conducts and evaluating market situations. The RO is the only non-corporate company model with no minimum capital necessary.
China FICE (Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise)
Another rising star within the range of corporate company structures in China, The FICE (sometimes also named FIE) is a form of WFOE with special privileges that allows manufacturer and importers to trade on the Mainland China as retailer, wholesaler and other...
China JV (China Joint Venture Company)
An introduction to the China Joint Venture company structure with short explanation on the 2 different JV types and links to an in depth coverage section on both the EJV (Equity Joint Venture) and CJV (Cooperative Joint Venture).
China Company FAQ
In this section you will find many answers on the topic of setting up and maintaining a company in China. All questions are and will continue to come from business owners and we welcome you to submit your own to add to the list.


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